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"Anarchists" burn buses in downtown Athens

Fifteen passengers in an OASA bus lived through a bveritable fiery hell yesterday nightas they were inside a bus burned after molotov bombs thrown by persons unknown.

"It can not be happening now, in a street like Patission" said Apostolos Kassimeris, member of the workers' union Board of OASA, commenting on the fires caused by Molotov cocktails yesterday at dawn, torching a trolley and a bus on Patission Street.

Mr. Kassimeris, speaking to mega tv, said that the trolley bus that was burned using Molotov cocktails last night by unknown persons on Patission street there were no passengers, but on the bus, which was also burnt down, there were 15 passengers.

Unknown persons forced passengers off the bus and threw Molotov cocktails inside, thus engulfing it in flames, smashed windows and then threw Molotov cocktails into the driver's seat.

"This must be the 5th or 6th trolley burning, plus they have sought to burn our buses as well," commented Mr. Kassimeris.

"It can not be happening now, in a street like Patission" he said and added: "People are threatened, passengers at risk. "