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Pensioners to see more cuts in October

A series of cuts in the pensions of hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries are expected to take effect in October.

650.000 pensioners will see their supplementary pensions re-evaluated, while a large number of pensioners will see their main pensions slashed. According to newspaper Ethnos, a total of 200,000-250,000 pensioners eligible for ancillary pensions , 6,000 in the high bracket, 11,000 bank pensioners, 280,000 former employees of the Public Sector and 12,000 who lost EKAS will see their pensions slashed under the new social security law.
On the 4th of October pensioners will see a ‘double cut’ in their pensions , since they will also have to pay the first dose of recursions, which will be a 10% of the total amount of the pension, but with a minimum amount of 50 Euros. From October a slash in the main pensions that are over 2.000 Euros a month will also be imposed.