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Piraeus Bank's new museum in Ioannina aims to boost tourism

The Silversmithing Museum, which opened its doors within the Castle of Ioannina, is expected to boost tourism in the northern Greek city.
According to estimates, more than 60,000 people are expected to visit the new museum every year.

“With the opening of the new museum, Piraeus Bank adds a ninth museum in its Greek regional network, with emphasis on local communities, culture and tourism," the president of Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (PIOP) Sophia Staikos said during the inauguration of the museum.
The present act has as its object the elaboration of the museum shell and the materialization and installation of a permanent exhibition and additional / auxiliary areas and services, as well as the actions regarding information and publicity about the project.
The main objective of the permanent exhibition is to present the technology of silversmithing through its timeless dimension and to describe the intricate meshing between the tools and techniques used. Simultaneously, the emphasis given to Ioannina, and to the wider region of Epirus, highlights the socio-economic context in which the local workshops evolved, as well as the region's particular cultural identity, which is closely related to silversmithing.