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Pavlopoulos: Greece’s right to claim wartime occupation loan, German reparations

It is Greece’s obvious right to want to claim German wartime reparations and the occupation loan, President Prokopis Pavlopoulos said on Thursday, adding they are “legally active and judicially pursuable.

Pavlopoulos was speaking at the opening of a photographic exhibition titled “Athens 1940-1944, which marked the anniversary of Athens’ liberation from German troops.
“During that period, Athens symbolized the city of ‘No’, the city of national resistance … because it was the eternal arc of world civilization,” he said, adding the same was true for Thessaloniki, which “defended Greekness and it’s our national duty to follow that example.” Thessaloniki, he continued, paid the price with the Greek Jews.
“These two cities, beacons of culture, have a common path,” he added.
Commenting on the “Nazi constructs we still see even in our country” he said people should not underestimate them and neither should Europe. “To fight the nightmare of neo-Nazism, we must support then value of Man … Every phobic syndrome is a shame”, he noted.