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Russian Missiles to be Tested Friday

After fourteen years, Greece has decided to test the operational capability of the Russian S300 missiles installed in Crete in 1999, after a joint decision by Athens and Nicosia not to settle the missiles on Cyprus . The test is expected to take place Friday.

It is interesting that no other test was done since Russia did its own before selling the missiles system to the Republic of Cyprus. However, there remains a question about the reasons why Greek Defense Minister Dimitris Avromopoulos decided to proceed with test the day the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu will arrive in Athens for talks.

The explanation may lie in the recent meeting of Dimitris Avramopoulos with his Russian counterpart Sergei Soigkou. Russian media reported that the recently signed agreement between the two ministers covers arms procurement and staff training as well as upgrading existing anti-aircraft systems. The operational certification of S300 will pave the way for the implementation of the agreement and renegotiation of offsets due from Moscow to Athens.

According to exclusive information published in Nicosia by Philenews, the Cypriot Defence Minister Fotis Fotiou will be present at the test after being invited by Dimitris Avramopoulos.