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Naousa Parents Turn Down Fuel Offer from Soros

Schools, closed two weeks ago, in Naousa, due to lack of heating fuel, will not reopen, turning down an offer from the George Soros Foundation to donate it.

As Naousa mayor Tasos Karabatzos explained the Foundation's offer has been extended to schools in other areas of Greece, as well.

In a meeting of the local parents associations it was decided to not accept the offer, saying that the support of schools was the responsibility of the state and because of suspicion of a move with underlying motives.

“At first we were reasonably suspicious about the reasons that this philanthropic tycoon thought of the problems of Naousa schools. We are not convinced that this offer is not self-serving. We are certain that through this 'benefaction' Mr. Soros expects things in return, and we don't our children;s schools to enter this game,” said the president of the associations Manolis Galitis to Macedonia newspaper.

According to the local mayor, however, their decision is not binding, and in the next few days the oil delivery and distribution to schools are expected to take place.