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Opposition parties react to Tsipras Thursday address

Greece’s opposition political parties unleashed a barrage of criticism against PM Alexis Tsipras on his Thursday night televised address that he would give provisions to low-income pensioners.

New Democracy (ND)
“Amid talks on the budget, Mr. Tispras appears as the outgoing and panic-stricken PM”, read a statement released by major opposition party New Democracy. “Fearful of the social outrage he is once more trying to fool, this time, the pensioners/ Only this time no one believes him”. “After cutting EKAS and imposing higher taxes, he now promises a small economic benefit”.

“We will act as Mr. Tsipras did, who scoffed at the social dividend that was given in 2014 by PASOK. We respect the need of those who are in need of 380 euros, even if it is a one off provision”, read the statement. “As far as the suspension of the VAT tax for the islands, we simply remind him that it was a proposal put forward by Fofi Gennimata a a month ago.”

“While the government is voting for a budget in parliament with new taxes and cuts and is preparing more hits against the workers and the people’s rights, as a result of the second review and the EuroGroup decision, government announcements that distribute crumbs, from the bloodied surpluses, can only be taken as provocative mockery.”

“He is using one hand to share, some of the tax money he is collecting”, the party’s press office stated. The money the Greek PM promised would have some value if it came from cutting government spending, the announcement read.

Centrist’s Union
“After squeezing everything from the ordinary Greek people for two years, just like G. Papanfreou and A. Samaras did, Mr. Tsipras is now sharing the surplus of austerity.”