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Over 1 million unemployed in November

The number of unemployed Greeks registered at the Greek Employment Organisation (OAED) exceeded 1 million in November, according to newspaper “Kathimerini, which cites expert sources.

The organisation’s registrars had 28,713 additions over the past month raising the number of jobless to a total of over 1 million. The 3,5% increase in unemployed persons brought the number to 1,066,416 in November compared to 913,044 in October.

Experts told Kathimerini that the rise is attributed to the end of the summer tourist season. Nearly 1 million jobless are registered as job seekers, while over 150,000 say they have given up.

From those still looking for work, 53.21% have been registered at OAED for at least 12 months, with women making up the majority (62.35%). Meanwhile, only 1 in 10 jobless are currently receiving support benefits based on official data, as 118,361 people received the DOL last month. People between 30-44 years old account for 40.34% of the jobless, with 30-54 year olds comprising 65% of unemployed.