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Culture minister visits burnt down mosque

Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou visited on Sunday the ruins of the Bayezid Mosque in Didimotycho, which was destroyed by a blaze on March 22, and said restoration of the 14th century building will start as soon as possible. 

“I came to see with my own eyes all the destruction that has happened on one of the most important monuments in the Balkans and see together with the mayor the way to restore it gradually,” Koniordou said. 
Asked when the restoration work can begin, she said the first step will be to remove the remaining roof which, after the fire, makes any work inside the building dangerous. After that, archaeologists will prepare the area and study some parts of the monument and then the existing restoration studies completed for the work that was already underway when the fire broke out will have to be readjusted.   
“I believe we will all do our best, jointly, so that this monument be restored as soon as possible,” she added.