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Court to reexamine Turkey's new extradition request for eight Turkish officers

A Greek appeals court will discuss for the second time an extradition request by Turkey for eight Turkish army officials who fled to Greece after the foiled coup attempt in the neighbouring country in July 2016.

Last January, the Supreme Court rejected Turkey’s request, citing concerns about whether they would receive a fair trial and possible violation of human rights. A few days later, Turkish authorities sent a new extradition request to their Greek counterparts. 
Suleyman Ozkaynakci, Abdullah Yetik and Ferudum Caban will appear in Athens’ Appeals Council at noon on April 25, while the other five have not yet received a trial date. All eight officers will be represented by Christos Mylonopoulos and Omiros Zelios, the same lawyers they had in the previous court proceedings. 
Since the Supreme Court ruling the eight officers have been staying at the police station of the former Olympic Village, waiting for the rulings on their asylum requests.