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Culture minister appoints temporary commissioner for Greek copyright agency

Culture and Sports Minister Lydia Koniordou has appointed a member of the civil service to temporarily head the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AEPI) and deal with its serious mismanagement issues, while restoring the smooth operation of the intellectual property rights market, the culture ministry announced on Monday.

"The relevant decision has been published in the Government Gazette and, finally, after many years of effort, is expected to tackle the mismanagement that was exposed and recorded in a recent chartered accountants' report, shedding full light on AEPI's operation," the announcement said.
The individual selected to act as temporary commissioner is a civil servant with lengthy experience in the management of legal entities, the culture ministry said, who will be working to ensure that the copyright fees are collected and distributed to AEPI's beneficiaries. The temporary commissioner is authorised to use all legal means and aids in order to protect their interests and to intervene decisively, cancelling any act or decision that could bring about the cessation or bankruptcy of AEPI and the loss of the  beneficiaries' rights, the ministry added.
The temporary commissioner will replace AEPI's management, which will not be empowered to take any action that could harm the interests of AEPI beneficiaries, and will have a six-month term that can be extended by three months. At the end of that term, or sooner if judged necessary, the temporary commissioner will be replaced by a commissioner envisaged under a new law on the management of intellectual property rights that is due to be tabled in Parliament.