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Council of State postpones hearing on installation of wind turbines in Mani

The Council of State postponed for June 21 a hearing on the installation of wind turbines in Mani, southern Peloponnese, in a case brought forward by 28 national and local associations who oppose the plan. 

According to the associations, the state’s decision to install wind turbines on the ridge of Saggias, a NATURA-designated area, is unconstitutional and illegal and their construction will cause irreparable damages to the natural and cultural heritage of the region. 

The plaintiffs also submitted to Gythio’s prosecutions office lawsuits against the violations of the restrictions which are specified in a relevant study and has been approved by the ministry of the environment. According to the lawsuit, the installation of 42 wind industrial type turbines on Saggias ridge will degrade Mani. 

Renewable energy projects have been systematically stalled by local interests, essentially blocking  the efforts of the country to harvest its ample solar and wind power.