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28 million arrivals expected in Greece in 2017

All the signs indicate that Greek tourism is expecting a very successful summer season. Greek hotel owners and industry professionals are confident the current season will be extended based on messages by foreign tour operators and are already setting their eyes on the next season.

2017 is considered a success, despite the slow start in the year, as the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) expects arrivals to exceed 28 million (including cruise-ships), with estimates of revenue reaching 14.5 billion euros.

According to a study conducted by GBR Consulting, Athens and Thessaloniki saw a double digit rise in revenues during the first quarter of 2017, while the data for resort bookings was also impressive. Meanwhile, the Hellenic Hotel Federation predict vacancy capacities will hover around record numbers for the season, provided stability remains in the wider region. However, the issue of the tax for overnight stays, which is scheduled to take effect from the start of 2018 is of concern in the industry, as it will push revenues down.