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Conference on hydrocarbons in Athens on June 8-9

It is estimated that at least ten oil systems, corresponding to inventories 20 times larger than the ones discovered in Prinos, exist within Greek territory, the president of the European Institute of Research and Technology Marios Patsoulis said.

As he said, the estimates are based on work held by the American Geological Society in the early 1990s.
On the occasion of the announcement of the second international oil conference on "Greece: Oil and gas reserves can be a key driver of the country's development" on 8 d 9 June in Athens, Patsoulis, chairman of the organizational committee, noted that the interest shown recently by Greece in big oil companies is very positive. He noted, however, the need to strengthen the infrastructure, especially the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Management Company, and noted that priority should be given to the safety of the facilities.
The aims of the conference are among others to highlight the potential of hydrocarbons in Greece, seek investment opportunities, and identify possible problems.