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Award winning Greek Dairy company goes global

Amidst the avalanche of marketing campaigns across all media by leading weight loss food brands, a little start-up company tucked away in Greece has been steadily on the rise.

Backed by years of extensive research and with a focus on healthy snacks which also promote wellbeing, Longevity Diet Foods is making its presence increasingly known, receiving international recognition for developing a new generation of dairy products and for its award winning YoguDiet.

Based on the values of the Mediterranean diet, the company is developing a range of natural, innovative functional dairy products that meet the nutritional needs of consumers while providing the body with all the necessary nutrients.

Anna Chatziioannou, the company’s Managing Director, is passionate about the achievements thus far, “Our products are 100% natural, made of fresh ingredients that are extracted directly from indigenous plants growing in the unique regional ecosystem of Greece,” she says.

“The great taste and affordability are an even bigger bonus.”

Longevity Diet Foods entered the World Dairy Innovation Awards held in London last year, and won. “On the day of the Awards, we were sure we had the best yogurt in the contest,” says Hatziioannou. “There were very interesting products but none like our distinct innovation and what we offer consumers. The award gave us the certification that despite being a Start-Up company, from a small country like Greece, the Committee highly valued our uniqueness.”

“The YoguDiet offers all the benefits of the traditional Greek yogurt, with milk of the day from our local Greek farm, without preservatives and substitutes, and enriched by natural processes with polyphenols,” says Chatziioannou. “It’s the natural way to strengthen the immune system, to improve the cardio respiratory system, speed up post- exercise activity, revitalize the skin, and to regulate the blood pressure while gaining incredible energy. We are offering the ultimate natural snack for better living.”

Citing the famous quote from Hippocrates, ‘Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food,’ as being at the helm of their inspiration, Chatziioannou adds they are constantly seeking to develop medicine food so there is no longer the need to take pills with certain functions.

“Our products are a completely new view in the healthy lifestyle of people in today’s society,” says Chatziioannou. “Dairy products are well-known for the benefits they offer, from maternity milk to  Greek yogurt, people receive protein and other nutrients. Milk-based products are living organisms which makes them weak when trying to add substantial nutritional value. We successfully managed to do that by leveraging the best of the Greek biodiversity, which is the second richest country in species worldwide, after Madagascar!”

In addition to distributing the products in Greece, Longevity Diet Foods’ expansion will soon include distribution in Cyprus, Norway and the USA.