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Aegina maritime accident: Captain and crewmember of water carrier face prosecutor

The captain and a member of the crew of the "Aegina" water-carrier were brought before Piraeus courts today  today.

The ship, yesterday, at 7:30, collided with thefishing boat "Panagiotis" in the sea area, 2,5 nautical miles northwest of Souvala, resulting in the deaths of two brothers, 62 and 74 years old.

The two are accused of provoking a shipwreck dur to negligence, manslaughter from collision, maritime traffic disruption and breach of the law on collision avoidance.

The "Aegina" was inspected by Coast Guard experts, while the six crew members gave depositions at the Port Authority of Aegina.

According to first information, the two unfortunate fishermen were trying to pull in the nets, while they allegedly did not hear the voices of the ship's master, who was asking them to leave. As reported by the port officials, there is a crossing of ships from the point where the water-tanker passes, but there is no specific ban on fishing.

The captain of "Aegina" attempted to maneuver, but the fishing boat collided on the right side of the stern of the ship, causing them to fall into the sea. They were brought up by the crew of "Aegina", but were already dead.

The bodies of the two fishermen were transferred today to the Forensic Service of Piraeus, where, according to preliminary estimates, their death was due to drowning and they did not bear any signs of blows.

The funeral of the two brothers will be held tomorrow at the Holy Trinity Church. on Aegina.