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Varoufakis: Mr Tsipras arologise to Samaras-Stournaras for the debt roll-over

"Either apologize to Samaras-Stournaras or stop the insulting celebrations of entering markets."

The abovecomment was made late Monday evening by former Finance Minister Yianis Varoufakis on the occasion of the announcement of Greece's exit to the markets. The post was accompanied by an article entitled: "The government's duty in re-rolling the Stournara's bond : Either apologize to Samaras-Stournaras or stop the insulting celebrations of leaving the markets."

In the article writes the former minister noted:

An exit to markets by a bankrupt state is a shame, instead of a reason for citizens to celebrate, as I have already explained last Saturday in EfSyn newspaper.

In that article, entitled "On Markets, Bankruptcy 2.0," I even copied articles from April 2014 explaining why the bond issued by Mr Stournaras at that time was a firecracker that aimed to persuade the natives that they had come out of the crisis, when the new bond, that new loan, sank them deeper into bankruptcy.

At that time, in April 2014, I explained in particular to the Syriza leadership precisely this, with analyses and arguments that Alexis Tsipras and his team then used in the public debate, and in the House, to overthrow the Samaras government on the bond issued by Mr Stournaras' Treasury.

What irony!

Today, the new firecracker, the new exit into the markets of an even more bankrupt Greek state (than in 2014, due to the cumulative impact of the recession-debt crisis), is based on the roll-ever (the three-year extension, precisely) of the same Stournaras bond!

Common logic demands that the government and the Prime Minister either publicly apologize to Samaras-Stournaras or to earnestly say that the roll-over of the Stournaras bond does not help the country's escape from its status as a debt colony. Mr. Tsipras you do not have a third choice!