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More impediments for Greek EU presidency

The terrorist attack against the German ambassador's residence and ongoing revelations of graft are undermining Greek efforts for a succesful EU presidency, but Herr Schauble steps in for a rescue.

The attack by terrorists against the German's ambassador's residence in an Athens suburb, did more than rattle ambassador Wolfgang Dolt and his family. It added to headaches in relations between the two countries, already strained by German intransigence on Greek austerity measures.

Ahead of the Greek presidency of the EU in the first half of 2014, the attack on what is essentially German territory only comes to add to misgivings, already being vociferously presented in European media, as to the efficacy of Greek efforts to stage a successful presidency.

German daily Bild openly questioned whether Greece would be able to pull off the presidency, noting that the most indebted country in Europe can act as a political model.

Meanwhile Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung headlined “It's no joke: The Greeks have the EU presidency.” the paper also highlights the rise of neo-nazi Golden Dawn, and the fact that SYRIZA is shown by polls in first place.

The continuing revelations of corruption that are coming out also undermine the country's image ahead of the presidency.

On a more optimistic note, German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble noted the presidency was an opportunity for Greece, adding that Europeans will not disappoint Greece and will stand by the country.