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Chinese nationals destroy sea-cucumber population through illegal fishing

Large quantities of Holothuroidea, also known as sea cucumbers, sold abroad for 1,000 euros per kilo were fished by Chinese nationals in the Maliakos gulf for export and sale abroad. The animal is considered a delicacy in most Asian cultures, as well as having medicinal qualities attributed to it.

A 21-year-old Chinese citizen was arrested, while another 54-year-old accomplice is being sought.

Police found and confiscated:

(87.126) dried fish of the genus 'HOLOTHURIA', less than (15) centimeters in length, ready for sale, of a total net weight 557.33 kilos.
(23.355) catches of the genus 'HOLOTHURIA', in plastic baskets with vinegar solution less than 15 cm in length, processed for a total net weight of 817.43 kg,
(3) scales,
Fishing cage & cauldron,
(11) packages with salt,
(17) containers with vinegar,
Plenty of nylon packaging
Various documents and handwritten notes as well
China passport.

In addition, police seized a car, which members of the circuit were using as a means of facilitating their illegal activity.

It should be noted that the harvesting of 'sea cucumbers' is prohibited from 1 June to 31 October of each year and the minimum allowable fishing size in the remaining months is 15 cm.

The arrested man was taken to the Prosecutor's Office of Lamia and was referred to the inquisitorof Lamia.

The pre-investigation of this case is carried out by the Lamia Security Department, while examining the whole range and scope of activity of the members of the circuit.