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Weapon smugglers foiled at border with Albania

Heavy armament, grenades, explosives and ammunition were detected by police officers at the Ioannina Security Division, in the area of ​​Mavromatio Thesprotia, near the Greek-Albanian border.

In particular, on Sunday (6 August), a group of three people was found in the area of ​​Mavromatios, near the Greek-Albanian border, traveling on foot and carrying travel bags, heading inland.

During their apprehension, the perpetrators discarded their bags and fled to the Albanian territory. They were persecuted, but taking advantage of the woodland and the inaccessibility of the area, they escaped capture.

Three travel bags were collected from the area , containing:

    Three military rifles (Kalashnikov), with seven magazines
Eleven grenades, defensive type
Thirty-three detonators
Five TNT explosive tiles, weighing (1005) grams
A box with ten trigger grenade mechanisms
(1593) cartridges 7.62 * 39 mm caliber

The weapons were seized and sent to the Criminal Investigation Sub-Division of Northern Greece for further laboratory examination.

A preliminary investigation is under way by the Ioannina Security Division.