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Consumer ombudsman reports stem cell bank for alleged criminal activity

The Consumer Ombudsman of Greece, Lefteris Zagoritis, on Thursday, filed a report with the Athens public prosecutors' department, asking that authorities investigate a company operating a stem cell bank for alleged criminal action and press charges where appropriate.

According to information obtained by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the report targets those responsible for the company 'Iatriki Technologia Elliniki Trapeza Vlastokyttaron AE (Medical Technology Hellenic Stem Cell Bank S.A.) using the logo Stem-Health Hellas.
Along with his report, Zagoritis has submitted documents collected by the independent authority while investigating complaints made by parents that signed contracts with the private company, which was operating without a health ministry permit.
The ombudsman also asked authorities to investigate whether the private umbilical cord and placenta blood banks currently operating in Greece have been issued permits in accordance with the law and whether they adhere to necessary standards during the collection, preservation and storage of the irreplaceable biological material they are harvesting, as well as whether they properly protect the sensitive personal data of their customers.