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Mikis says NO to presidential offer

A resounding NO was the answer from Mikis Theodorakis to the proposal by Evangelos Venizelos that he be placed as a candidate for the country's presidency.

Just a day after exiting the hospital, the famous composer decided to scotch rumors caused by Mr Venizelos' proposal that he be placed as a candidate to succeed president Papoulias.

Mr Theodorakis retorted in especially harsh tones calling the government “subject personnel” that condemn anyone who speaks against the memorandums and against the system, like himself.

The composer added: “how is it possible for every sort of representative of the personnel of subjugation to involve me in their games and indeed as a factor for the resolution of their problems.”

Mr. Theodorakis clarifies that he has no place in the political games that embroil the existing political personnel, which blinded by political ambitions has abandoned the Greek people.

Mr Venizelos had twice, and in unforeseen circumstances, mentioned the name of Mikis Theodorakis for the presidency, noting at one point that the requisite 180 votes could be found to elect a new president in 2015 without having to resort to elections. The leader of PASOK had in fact said that the next president could be a person of artistic or literary merit, mentioning Mr Theodorakis and adding “is there anyone else with greater political and international stature?”