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Jihadist apprehended in Alexandroupolis

A Syrian 32-year-old jihadist, was arrested last night in Alexandroupolis when he went to the region's asylum office to apply for asylum in Greece.

The dangerous extremist came to Greece from Syria with his wife and his two children in June 2016 through Leros. He then lived in various hospitality centers in Greece, as well as in a home in Athens, while he reached a refugee camp in northern Greece, in Oraiokastro.

His action in Syria became known to authorities when his wife denounced him for domestic violence two months ago to a social worker at the Oreokastro camp and said he was also a member of the Islamic State. After being alerted, police authorities began monitoring him, closely. When he went to the asylum service of Alexandroupolis to apply for asylum, he was identified and arrested.

Following his arrest, he admitted to being an active ISIS official and wanted to go to northern Europe, according to information. He then attempted to commit suicide and was transferred to the University General Hospital of Alexandroupolis, where he is hospitalized under guard, according to alexpoli.gr.

The police have searched the home where they lived in Athens, where they found important clues about their actions in Syria. As became known, video and photos with "severed" heads were found on his mobile phone. Also, his contacts and telephone conversations are being examined.

He is acharged with joining a terrorist organization and illegal entry into the country. The jihadist will be brought today to the Prosecutor of Alexandroupolis.