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Chinese national bought over 100 apartments in Athens' Exarchia district

A Chinese investor has bought 100 apartments in the Exarchia area, as became known.

According to Kathimerini, the man used through short-term rental platforms and then sold them as an investment portfolio to a foreign investor.

According to the report, the same investor is preparing a new venture to acquire more than 100 apartments this time, in the same area.

The reason for the preference for investments in Exarchia is not just the low real estate prices but also the willingness of many owners to sell, especially in recent years.

According to Dimitris Melachrinos, co-founder of the Spitogatos website, there is a demand for real estate from people abroad, especially outside Europe. China shows the largest increase at 203%, Turkey 90%, and UAE 50%. Of particular interest is that German real estate buys show a 68% increase.

70% of the residence permits granted to date through the "Golden Visa" program are in the Attica region, with 26.52% being real estate in the greater Piraeus area and 20.8% in the Pallini area.