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Anarchists beat LGBT activist in Exarchia

LGBT activist Maria Katsikadakou was attacked in the Exarchia Square, on Sunday, as she related on her facebook account.

As she relates,she was attacked without warning by a group of young men who mistook her for someone else.

Ms Katsidakakou had to go to the emergency ward to be treated for injuries from the manuy blows she received to her head. As she also related she couldn't receive a CAT scan,as the scanner was broken, and doctors therefore could not ascertain whether she had suffered a concussion.

The mania with which the 5-6 youths struck her was such that they actually hit her with an outdoor cafe table. Whern they realized they were hitting the wrong person, they fled.

The activist is still in shock from the attack, yet another sign of the lawlessness that permeates Exarchia, which is a zone police fear to enter because self proclaimed anarchists have transformed it into a lair.