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Charges against Olympiakos owner Marinakis for game fixing dropped

Vangelis Marinaakis, Olympiakos FC ownerand shipping magnate, was absolved of all charges on Wednesday, in a case in which he stood accused along with 26 others for,among other things,football match rigging.

As he noted in an announcement: "The Appeals Council unanimously rejected the accusations of criminal organization, fraud, extortion and instigation to a bombing, as completely unfounded, and stripped any excuse from those who waited for these accusations to be met in order to satisfy their envy.

My innocence for the rest of the accusations will be highlighted in the process that will follow, justifying me with the complete approval of the expressed opinion of the President of the Council.

By the end of this process and for the few months remaining for my full justification, I propose to the Board of Directors that the Mayor of Piraeus and Vice President of Olympiakos FC Mr. Yannis M. Moralis should take over the presidency of the Club.