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Police fear violence as anarchists continue Polytechnic occupation

Featured Police fear violence as anarchists continue Polytechnic occupation

With a new announcement, the anti-authoritarians squatting in the Polytechnic causing the cancellation of celebrations commemorating the 44th anniversary of the uprising against the junta, stress that the occupation continues.

"We will not surrender the hearths and values ​​of the insurgency to state murderers and torturers," they said in a statement published this morning on a well-known anti-authoritarian site. At the same time, they stress that "the Polytechnic remains open to anyone who finds in memory of November the wrath for the needs of today", while repeating their demands, some of which concern jailed members of a terrorist organization.

The police, however, fear that until tomorrow, the 17th of November, the Polytechnic's anniversary, more people will be able to gather in the premises of the occupied  campus so that they can use it as a base for their attacks on police officers.

Indeed, they believe that anti-authoritarians have managed to gather "munitions" like stones and bottles of gasoline.

What is of even more concern for police is the source of the information about how the people who participated in the "rebellion" festival, but also persons known from incidents in Exarchia, want to be in the Polytechnic.

However, the police are also afraid of internal clashes among anarchists after the announcement of a group calling today at 3 noon for a "demonstration against the occupation of the Polytechnic" at Exarchia Square.

"For anarchists and communists, for trade unions and student associations, for the political organizations of the anarchists and the left, the Polytechnic is their natural place. It has been defended against the fascists and the forces of repression with blood. And they will do so now if necessary, against an inexplicable patchwork that trivializes social conflict, tapping into its movement and its history. The Polytechnic and the Asylum belong to the whole people! ", the organization Anarchists and Communists Group said in a statement.