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Two arrested transporting antiquities on Chios

Officials of the Chios Central Port Authority and Coast Guard officers arrested  three men, on Monday evening, on charges of illicit transport and trade of antiquities.

In particular, a check carried out at the port of Chios by members of the Special Missions Task Force and the Security Authority of the Port Authority concerned two pallets that were being transported within a tractor trailer of a transport company, before being loaded onto a ferry. Both were found to contain clay jars that hid a marble column capital and a cannon ball.

The sender and consignee, according to the dispatch note, concerned the same person, a 42-year-old, who was identified after further inquiries and was arrested on board the same ship, escorted by his 18-year-old nephew, who was also arrested as a co-perpetrator.

A check was carried out on their own commercial vehicle in which two marble female busts were found.

The persons arrested, as it appears from the pre-trial procedure so far, had purchased the marble capital as well as the cannon ball from a 49-year-old foreigner who was then identified and arrested.

The anriquities were seized by the Central Port Authority of Chios.

photo: hcg.gr