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Immigrants harass woman en masse and beat her brothers in Argos

A family and residents in the area of the ​​Workers' Blocks in the city of Argos experienced an incredible and bloody incident, according to confirmed information,during the afternoon of Sunday 19 November.

It all started when a 30-year-old woman, after a quarrel with her mother, wanted to leave the house and take a walk to calm down.

Unfortunately, however, the 30-year-old passed by a construction site in which many Asian immigrants, possibly Pakistani and Afghan, were squatting. Upon seeing the young woman a group of about 20 immigrants came out of the site and began to verbally attack and physically harass her. The frightened woman began to shout, and luckily for her at that moment her brother was returning home. Upon seeing what was happening he intervened without physical contact with the men. Hearring the fracas, her other brother came out of the house, rushing to the scene. At that time, more foreigners came out of the site armed with clubs and attacked the two brothers, injuring both.

Neighbors alerted the police, but when they arrived the immigrants had disappeared. Aftera search of the area, three people were arrested and were identified by the woman's brothers. The three were taken to the police station that found that two of them were illegally in the country. The next morning they were taken to the prosecutor.