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Der Standard: Ellinikon project to augment Greek economy

Austrian newspaper Der Standard highlights the growth potential of the Greek economy from the large investment project in the area of ​​the old airport at Ellinikon.

In its electronic version, the media group notes that the investment "could help the economy as a whole".

The Austrian newspaper notes that "the area of ​​the old airport is still untapped. Soon the largest tourist facilities in Europe will be created there. The plans include hotels, casinos, conference rooms, a yacht marina and a public beach. With the investment in the region and the new jobs that will emerge, the crisis in Greece will become past, says Gerd Dyckelmann-Durban, Commercial Advisor and Head of the Commercial Department of the Austrian Embassy in Athens.

The newspaper notes that "investments of eight billion euros and 75,000 jobs for the reconstruction of the huge untapped area (...) have been agreed, signed and ratified by the Parliament". Gerd Dyckelmann-Durban estimates that "an investment of this magnitude and with such symbolic power will stir things up. If Greek businessmen see bulldozers moving to Elliniko, they will feel confident and move on to their own projects."

Despite any difficulties that have been encountered so far in the process of implementing the project, Der Standard estimates that "it seems almost inconceivable that Lamda and her partners will eventually give up. The pressure of European lenders on the Greek government is very high. Moreover, after eight years of financial crisis, the country is at the crossroads of change. The evidence that data is being reversed is finally there, "the newspaper quoted the technical agreement of the Greek government and institutions in Athens.

The article closes with the presence of the Lamda Development Group at the first Greek-Austrian Business Forum of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, held this week in Vienna. Lamda "will present its construction proposal. The Elleniko project offers several opportunities for Austrian businesses, " Der Standard notes.