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Anti-authoritarians intervene during minister's speech in favor of jailed terrorists

An anti-authoritarian group invaded the premises of the old Ymittos town hall and interrupted the speech of government vice-president Yiannis Dragasagis.

Approximately twenty people entered the room when Mr Dragasagis was on the podium and started shouting slogans in favor of prisoners' rights while they unfurled a banner with the slogan "Victory in the struggle of the prisoners, strength and solidarity with the hunger strikers P. Roupa - N. Maziotis, members of Revolutionary Struggle."

The anti-authoritarians read a support text for Roupa and Maziotis, while some of the people who had gathered to hear Mr. Dragasagis speak reacted strongly. The two members of revolutionary struggle are jailed under terrorism sentences.

However, Mr. Dragasakis, requested they not be removed but allowed to complete their intervention. The anti-authoritarians threw flyers that wrote "Victory in the prisoners' struggle", "Against exclusiont", and "struggle until the collapse of the last prison".

Mr Dragasagis immediately after the departure of the anti-authoritarians thanked the gathered residents for their composure, while he said: "They are also our children".

"Congratulations on your composure. If we had been told that we wanted to come to your event to formulate our demands, I'm sure we would have accepted themand talked with them. Even more so since it is about a bill that was and is subject to public consultation. And all I have to say to these children is that they must of course recognize that this government has done much in the field of the prison system. Whatever positive step is taken, must be supported. I hope some of these children stay here in our midst and listen. It does not matter, they are also our children. And we did things like this sometimes. Some of us".