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"Evil eye" cause of amusement park accident, says owner

The accident that happened at an amusement park in Aegio, resulting in injuring a mother and her children, was attributed to the "evil eye" by the owner.

"The train was operational, and the amusement park in general, for an hour. As soon as the birthday was over, people swarmed, we are talking about the square. Well, I did not believe in the evil eye. But they started "you ... you will rake it in, you will do, you will make", the owner of the amusement park said, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

"My eldest son works the train, he has experience. I have been at this job since 1969. About 50 years," he continued, and in a second attempt to explain how the accident happened with the train, the owner of the Amusement Park claimed that perhaps the mother of the children stood up and fell because of this. "They tell kids that the train here goes around the turn ... and the kids were clapping hands. Was she frightened and stood upright and lost her balance and fell down. Otherwise I can not explain it. Let's see what the experts say," he said, adding that there was no mechanical damage.

"I saw my kids flying through the air. The wagon flew off from the first turn and had developed great speed and at the last turn left was the last wagon with my children and my wife and I saw them all in the air," says the husband of the woman and father of the injured children, speaking in PatrasTV, and adding: "It is a crime, a 25 meter-long, iron structure on wooden pallets. And with a train travelling at great speed."

Patras TV reported that the company has not been licensed by the municipality, but it was receiving power from the municipality.
The owner talking to the television channel said: "I have been requested a licensed to get permission for the amusement parks, the system is procrastinating like that, it's not me. We deposit the papers and after two months they give us permission."

The police have made two arrests, the son of the owner of the amusement park, who appears as the manager of the company and the operator of the train.