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Sculpture placed in Faliro causes uproar

A work of art must create feelings, tensions and sometimes controversy. Somehow the last work of internationally renowned sculptor Kostis Georgiou, that was erected at the "entrance" of Palaio Faliro, has sparked a feud between some citizens and the mayor.

The "PHYLAX" project comprises a giant angel sitting on an eight meter pedestal at the beachfront in Faliro.

The work has provoked reactions, as some locals believe it is offensive to Christian morals, since the form of the city's "guardian" is similar to Lucifer, a reference to the statues' red color .

Some residents have reacted, asking the municipality to remove it, while on Wednesday night, persons unknown threw white paint on the work and vandalized it.

Speaking to SKAI television, the creator of the project stressed that "this story started from [fring newspaper] Eleftheri Ora" and from quoted statements made by self-proclaimed "Father Cleomenes".

As the sculptor pointed out: "It is not possible to give a sculpture of thoughtless practices. There has never been a reaction abroad. That is, should we put a Neptune because it is next to the sea? The logic of the artwork is to give new codes, to get people to think. It has nothing to do with religions and symbolism.

Is Satan, if he exists, red in color? There are angels with red wings and red hair. The people reacting are supposed to be Christians, but their soul is anti-Christian. "

"Any association with values ​​and concepts of the Christian Faith and especially with Angels is not justified," says the mayor of Paleo Faliro, Dionysis Hatzidakis, in a statement.

However, red is the main color of his work, since almost all his sculptures are red.

"It is unprecedented. Art does not represent, but it makes people think," says Kostis Georgiou, who points out that he has never received any reaction to his work abroad, on the contrary, this happened in Greece, the country in which artistic education and training never existed."

Kostis Georgiou has had more than 90 solo exhibitions in very important galleries and museums around the world.