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PAME stages protest outside PM's office

Taking guards by surprise, shortly after 8:30 in the morning, 60 to 70 people, members of All-Workers Militant Front (PAME), arrived outside the PM's office at Maximus Mansion.

Surprising the government and police, the PAME members suddenly appeared at the beginning of Herodes Atticus Street and began to descend towards the mansion. Police forces did not stop them, and so PAME members easily arrived outside the main entrance of Maximus Mansion.

The police may have received orders for discreet surveillance to avoid episodes and tensions as happened yesterday at the Labor Ministry. There may have been such tolerance on the part of the police because Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was not in building, as he was traveling to Rome to participate in the Southern European countries Summit.

Once the PAME members arrived outside Maximo's Mansion they unfurled their banners and began to shout slogans against the multi-bill (for strikes and auctions).

Their action comes as a follow-up to their dynamic mobilization, on Tuesday, at the Labor Ministry.

A member of PAME, speaking on SKAI television, said: "We will stay as long as we need to send the message against this unacceptable multi-bill that puts  strikes in a cast, expands auctions and brings a series of hardships. Rather than the government going to the minimum wage at 751 euros, it does what the previous governments did not dare to do, they are really unscrupulous."

The PAME members left the Maximus Mansion at 10:00, headed for Parliament, and then the gathering broke up without any further episodes or tensions.