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Spate of anarchist vandalism in Athens overnight

Thursday night was a busy night for police, with two attacks, one at a Hellenic Post office (ELTA) and at SYRIZA's offices in Tavros, with sledgehammers and a another attack with gas stations at a bank branch in Ambelokipi.

According to what SKAI TV broadcast about 3 in the morning, a hooded group consisting of 5 to 6 people, with sledgehammers, carried out an attack in Tavros, hitting the branch of ELTA and the offices of SYRIZA located directly opposite.

The hooded persons who hit simultaneously at ELTA and SYRIZA offices, within 30 seconds, broke the windows in both offices and disappeared.

The inhabitants realized that something was happening from the noise, while the action of the hooded persons was perceived and a police patrol that was accidentally passing through the area, although it was pursuing them, failed to apprehend them.

The ELTA  branch in Tauvros today will remain closed.

Meanwhile, an hour later, at around 4 o'clock am, unknown persons placed an explosive device consisting of gas cannisters at a bank branch in Ambelokipi, on Alexandras Avenue.

According to SKAI television, the blast at the bank broke windows but there was no further damage, while the perpetrators clearly did not target the ATM as it was not damaged.

The police are conducting inquiries to locate the perpetrators.