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Church will take part in rally for Macedonia

Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece Ieronymos said the Greek Orthodox Church would take part in the rally for Macedonia, which is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 4 at Syntagma Square.

The head of the Greek Orthodox Church said the Church would officially participate in the rally, after meeting with the Pan-Macedonian associations which are included in the organising groups of the event.

The Church will attend the event with the Vice President of the Permanent Holy Synod, Metropolitan of Syros Dorotheos, who will read the announcement of the Synod, while he will also be accompanied by the Metropolitans of Drama, Pavlos, and Chios, Markos.

According to the Archdiocese, during the meeting, the Archbishop reiterated the Church’s position which does not accept the term “Macedonia” or its derivative as a constituent of the name of Skopje. In this context, he clarified the ecclesiastical aspects of the issue. He underlined that in the context of the freedom of expression of the clergy and laity, the Church respects their right to act in a conscientious, prudent and responsible manner.