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Controversial ultranationalist Nick Griffin invited by Elias Kasidiaris in Athens

Controversial ultranationalist Nick Griffin MEP has been invited by Golden Dawn mp Elias Kasidiaris to Athens for the presentation of the Golden Dawn appeal to the Court of Human Rights.

MEP Nick Griffin complained recently “ the cabal of Zionist manipulated Greek speaking against policies of the Golden Dawn .”

Golden Dawn has seen  to appeal to the Court of Human Rights denouncing the procedure to hold party chief Nikos Michaloliakos and mps Pappas and Lagos as illegal.

But British National Party  leader Nick Griffin MEP has been declared bankrupt by order of Welshpool County Court on past  Thursday.

Mr Griffin tweeted: "Being bankrupt does NOT prevent me being or standing as an MEP. It does free me from financial worries."

He added: "I am now turning the experience to the benefit of hard-up constituents by producing a booklet on dealing with debt."

Mr Griffin is planning to stand as a candidate in May's election for the European Parliament.

The British National Party leader, Nick Griffin, convicted for inciting race hate, he denies that the Holocaust ever took place and believes that Jews are conspiring against white British people.

Griffin is from a wealthy family with a history of far right involvement. His father, Edwin, took him to his first NF meeting when he was just 15. Griffin’s mother is the administration secretary of the party and stood in the 2001 general election.