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Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias in FYROM

“We believe in an honest compromise that both sides have to gain from. There will be no loser. You can not get everything you have in your mind”, said Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias in a joint press conference after his meeting with his FYROM counterpart, Nikola Dimitrov.

On his part, Nikola Dimitrov said that “we are trying to build trust”, but as he pointed out “there are still prejudices”.

Mr Kotzias and the Greek delegation arrived in the capital of FYROM, Skopje for crucial talks on the name dispute with political leaders, Thursday. The Greek delegation was received by the state authorities with an official programme marked as “Republic of Macedonia”, according to Ant-1 TV. The Greek delegation stamped out the name to show “FYROM”. Mr Kotzias met with his counterpart Nikola Dimitrov and the two took part in a joint Press Conference. A small group of protesters was outside the Foreign Affairs building. The Greek Minister is scheduled to visit the European Affairs office in Skopje, while he will also meet with FYROM PM Zoran Zaev. At 1pm the Greek delegation will attend a reception at the Office of the Greek Association in Skopje for the celebrations of Independence Day.