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Conscripts brutalize dog and throw it down a cliff

With a dry apology, two of the three men who tortured a dog an threw it over a cliff, while serving their military service in the camp of Konitsa, north-western Greece, tried to squelch the outrage that followed the issue and the consequent order by defense ministser Panos Kammenos to find them and try them.

Specifically, thespro.gr site has published both the names of the two soldiers involved in the torture of the animal and their first statements about their immoral and inhuman act.

Nikolaos Tzounas and Georgios Charitos have apologized in writing for the incident, saying that not only was the incident unfortunate but also how they constantly looked after the hapless animal.

The story became known when the torturers posted a video of their heinouw act on social media, months after their service had finished. However, as the act was committed during their term of service they will be tried by a court martial.

A later report that the animal was a three year old female dog belonging to a local farmer, lost since August, and that it was found alive, proved to relate to another canine.