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FIFA reccomends Grexit

FIFA Monitoring Committee chairman Herbert Hubel, with an official document, recommended the blockade of Greek football without suspension or grace period and without exception for the national teams.

Mr Hubel, who was not convinced by the explanations given by Vangelis Grammenos in their meeting in Austria, refers to the incident of Ivan Savvides with a holstered gun in the PAOK-Olympiakos game, the “lockdown” in the Greek championship, the deletion of PAOK by the ECA, in court cases that are late to end, on the belief that the championship will be judged in the courtrooms and not on the football field and on the recommendations of the Monitoring Committee to the EPA that were not implemented. “The current situation does not allow the EPO to guarantee the smooth running of the national competitions,” he says.

The only…comforting aspect is that Hubel’s suggestion will not go to the FIFA Extraordinary Committee, which would involve decisions with immediate effect but on the Committee of Federation Members and will be discussed in May or June. So there is still a little time to make changes, but the margins are now really nar