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German press reports on Greek servicemen jailed in Turkey

The ongoing incarceration of the two Greek ofiicers in Turkey has not gone unnoticed by the German press.

"The Greek officers are threatened with five-year imprisonment," writes Neue Presse of Hanover in its online release. "Turkish justice maintains a relentless stance: It prolongs the incarceration of the two Greek soldiers. The charge of espionage may even be brought against them. The relationship between the two NATO partners, Greece and Turkey, faces another serious hurdle," the columnist commented, citing, among other things, a telegram from the Turkish agency Anadolu, referring to the possibility of imposing a five-year prison sentence on Angelos Mitretodis and Dimitris Kouklatzis.

The same issue is reported by Badische Zeitung, which states that "Greek officers are threatened with a long imprisonment" and underlines that "neither at the EU-Turkey Summit in Varna was it possible to move Turkey in order to leave free the two men. " The newspaper commented that "the hope (...) of finding a solution for them was not fulfilled". The columnist notes that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan "may be planning an exchange (with the eight Turkish soldiers who have fled to Greece)".