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Greek heavy metal band members detained in Georgia over alleged satanic ties

Two of the members of the Greek heavy metal band "Rotting Christ" were arrested on charges of terrorism in Georgia, where they were scheduled for a concert on April 12th.

In a statement, the frontman of the band, Sakis Tolis, explained that he and his brother and drummer, Themis Tolis, were blocked by the police while they were leaving the airport upon their arrival in the country.

"We arrived in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, very early on the morning of Thursday 12 April. After checking passports at the border, the police stopped me and my brother while we left the airport.

We were ordered to be taken to another area of ​​the airport, under the guise of further questions before we enter the country. Still, they took our passports and mobiles and led us to a prison cell. When we asked them the reason for our arrest, they simply told us that this information was "confidential". Our lawyers later informed us that we are on the list of undesirables for national security, allegedly Satanists, and therefore we were suspected of terrorism. "

The band's singer then described that they were transferred to a small and dirty cell without the ability to communicate with either their lawyers or the Greek embassy for 12 hours.

"It took a lot of effort and a very complicated process to find a solution," said Sakis Tolis.

Eventually, the issue was resolved a few hours later and the band held the planned concert.