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PM's life partner becomes professor at Polytechnic University

The Prime Minister's companion Peristera Baziana now belongs to the Laboratory Staff of the Athens Polytechnic (NTUA), according to the Government Gazette published on Monday.

It is reminded that Mrs. Baziana was a administrative employee.

The Government Gazette states:

Involvement of a permanent official, in the position of the Laboratory Teaching Staff.

The permanent staff member of the Foundation, Baziana Peristera, daughter of Achilleas, is in an organic position of the Laboratory Teaching Staff category and in a permanent position of the Grade A, IP Class, of the Department of "Communication, Electronics and Systems of Informatics" of the Electrical and Computer Engineering School of the Technical University.

The above organic integration position is established by transforming the current institutional position.

(Government Decree Number / Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs: 61 / 3.1.2018).

It is noted that until now Mrs. Baziana was an administrative employee of the Polytechnic, at her own request. According to Government Gazette 496 / 30-5-2017, Peristeza Baziana joined the instituttion's administrative staff as an employee of university education in the field of Informatics.