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Turkish court rejects third appeal for release of Greek soldiers

The third request for the release of the two Greek soldiers, Angelos Mitretodis and Dimitris Koutlatzis, who have been in prison in Adrianople since March 1, was denied by the Turkish court.

The lawyers of the two servicemen appealed in court for their release for the third time, but the judge rejected their request again, ordering the continuation of their detention.

The exact charges against the two men have not been finalised yet, while a trial date has not been set.

The legal representatives of the soldiers had submitted two unsuccessful appeals for their release in the past on March 5 and 27. In both cases, the requests were turned down by the Turkish court on the grounds that they had no permanent residence in Turkey, as well as the fact that justice is still examining the “digital assets” on their confiscated mobile phones.

It should be noted that during yesterday's meeting between Ecumenical Patrirarch Bartholomew and president Erdogan, no mention was made of the fate of the two soldiers.