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MEP Kefaloyannis to visit Greek sevicemen detained by Turkey

ND MEP Manolis Kefaloyiannis is expected to be in Adrianople on Monday, at noon, visit the two Greek soldiers being held by Turkish authorities.

Dimitris Kouklatzis and Angelos Mitrotodis have been detained since March 1st in high security prisons in the neighboring country.

Mr. Kefaloyiannis will travel to Turkey immediately after the celebrations in Alexandroupolis for the liberation of the city, and will be the first Greek and European official to speak closely with the two soldiers.

"The illegally detained Greek officers are not prisoners of war, we are not in a state of war," MEP noted in an interview with SKAI television station.

Mr Kefaloyiannis insisted on the need for Turkey to act according to the rule of law, follow international law, and to release the officers, pointing out that it would raise this issue with Turkish officials.

He stressed that the message was positive that Turkey allowed the meeting with the two Greek soldiers.

He also pointed out that he would tell the officers that "the message is that an entire nation, and the EU is next to them, they are supporting them, they do not forget them".