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Rent a quad owners decry new traffic regulations, block off Mykonos port in protest

The members of the Association of Business Owners of Motorcycles and Motorcycles Rentals of Mykonos continue to mobilize, reacting to the provision of the new traffic regulations prohibiting the rental and circulation of ATVs known as "hogs" on the asphalt.

Indeed, the new ban, according to members of the association, creates enormous discomfort and inconvenience, since the citizens of some foreign countries can not be served.

In their announcement, the members added: "So far, all our protests and mobilizations have been mild, but we entered the tourist season and our businesses remain closed due to the non-suspension of the provisions in question. Our patience is exhausted and tourism can not wait any longer. "

Entrepreneurs seem determined to take the issue to the end, as they will end up excluding Mykonos Port tomorrow, Wednesday, in order to deter travel to and from the island.

According to the new provisions of the Road Traffic Code, "the circulation of four-wheel motorcycles up to 125 cc is forbidden, and it is automatically prohibited to rent vehicles to visitors from the US, Canada, Australia and other major non-EU countries, since they are no longer recognized national non-EU diplomas

In addition, Article 31 clarifies that if such a vehicle" is rented to a person who does not have the required driving license, a fine of EUR 1,000 is imposed on the lessor, the lessee and the driver if the latter does not have a driving license. In case of a repeat offense, a fine of EUR 2,000 is imposed and seizure of the "hog".