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Property values, energy and public administration on the table of talks with Troika

Talks between the Greek government and its creditors will enter their final stages regarding changes in the fair market property value and the subsequent reversals in the calculation of unified property ownership tax (ENFIA), if needed to ensure the tax assessment of € 3.2 billion for 7.4 million property owners.

The two sides will meet today at the Hilton Hotel to discuss the issues of pending privatisations, energy matters and the necessary reforms in the public administration.

Sources in the Finance Ministry said the technical staff have displayed a willingness to close the technical agreement on the pre-requisites – and especially on changes in the tax system – before the Eurogroup on 21 June. Within this context the Greek Finance Minister, Euclid Tsakalotos will have to issue a decision by Thursday, June 14 to set new real estate prices across the country and, at the same time, any changes that may be required in the ENFIA tax.

In addition to the new fair market value changes that will be “locked” in the coming days, the schedule of meetings with the heads of the institutions for today will also focus on:

– Privatisations: it is expected that the privatisation plan of the Hellinikon will be set out, as well as the fate of the remaining privastisation plans the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (TAIPED) is running.

– Energy: The sale of PPC’s lignite units is expected to remain a thorny issue
– Public: The institutions are pushing for the appointment of the new general secretaries and directors at State posts, with the institutions and, in particular, the IMF concerned about the partisanship of the State.