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European Bars Associations request information on legal status of imprisoned Greek soldiers in Turkey

The President of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE), Antonín Mokrý has sent a letter to the Turkish attorneys, Selin Ozel and Hakan Yalcintug, representing the two Greek servicemen imprisoned in Adrianople to inform the CCBE about their current legal status.

“I am writing to you in my capacity as President of the Bar Association and
Bar Associations of Europe (CCBE), representing lawyers
associations and legal associations of 45 countries, and through them more than 1
million European lawyers.
Defending the rule of law, human rights, and democratic values is part of the CCBE’s main missions. I am addressing you about the case of the two Greek soldiers arrested by Turkish military forces on the borderline of Evros in March, as I understand you represent them before the Turkish courts.

The Greek Bar Association contacted the CCBE and expressed its grave concerns over their continued detention.
Before taking possible initiatives in support of the two soldiers, the CCBE would appreciate receiving information with regards to their current legal situation, and in particular, if charges have been pressed and, if so, which ones.

Their fundamental rights must, in fact, be guaranteed throughout the whole process, in accordance with international standards. In particular, their right to be ensured a fair trial as provided for in Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights Rights”.