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New Democracy MP: SYRIZA equates patriotism with the far right

These acts were extreme and were condemned by New Democracy, is what the ND MP Makis Voridis said in an interview concerning the attack against Thesssaloniki mayor Yiannis Boutaris , arguing that "they apparently attacked the mayor of Thessaloniki because they did not like his statements and attitude."

According to Makis Boridis, "many people do not like Mr. Boutari's statements," he underlinesd, however, that "they, very many, have not attacked him and are not far-right, they are ardent patriots" and accused SYRIZA of "identifying the far right with patriotism, and exploits remarkable incidents to heighten divisions."

The shadow Interior Minister of ND, referring to the issues of the economy, considers "politically insignificant" the debate about a clear exit from the memorandums" as he notes that "the end of the memorandum is not accompanied by the fiscal autonomy that is being heralded."

Referring to the reduction in pensions, Mr Voridis estimates that "our [future]government has its hands tied in this matter" and when asked what ND would do as a government stated: "we will do what we can to protect the income of all citizens."

For the rest, Makis Voridis, in his interview with the AMNA nnws agency, considers "the elections are likely in 2018" and speaking about the possibility of double elections in October 2019 (local and national) refers to constitutional issues that will arise , he says, from the move of the date of the municipal elections.