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FYROM opposition files suit for high treason against PM

FYROM main opposition party VMRO-DPMNEP has filed suits against PM Zoran Zaev and foreign minister Nikolay Dimitrov for high treason.

Party spokesman Naoum Stoilkovski said VMRO-DPMNE filed a criminal suit at the Prosecutor's Office on Organized Crime and Corruption against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov, Parliament Speaker Talat Ceferi, and all of the deputies who supported through their vote the unconstitutional and unlawful covenant agreement with the Hellenic Republic ".

According to the FYROMopposition party, the above persons are being prosecuted for four criminal offenses: high treason, jeopardizing independence, organizing a criminal gang for committing hostile acts, and abuse of power.

He added that the negotiation of the agreement and the adoption of the ratification law are a violation of the country's laws, the Constitution and, more generally, an attempt to circumvent the whole of the country's legal system, but also an attempt to deceive the opposition, the people and the president.